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How to Devein a Prawn

How to devein a prawn

If you’re wondering how to devein a prawn then you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing to devein a prawn is simply a matter of preference. It’s perfectly safe to eat a prawn with its vein still intact but seeing it through the shell and meat can be off putting for some so removing it takes just seconds.

If you want to cook your prawns with the shells on you can still devein them. Remove the head first and simply use a very sharp knife and run along the back of the prawn. Carefully pull the prawn apart slightly where you’ve made the incision and you should see the vein there. You can easily remove it using the tip of the knife to hook it out.

If you want to remove the prawn’s shell first. Grab the tail of the prawn with the thumb and forefinger and poke your thumb underneath the shell and pull the first part off. You may find it comes off in segments so you can then work along the prawn removing all the shell and head.

If you prefer a more visual demonstration of how to peel and devein a prawn, then head over to our Rad Prik recipe video made for us by Ottolenghi’s executive chef Calvin Von Niebel where he shows you everything you need to know to successfully prepare your FloGro Fresh prawns.

The larger the prawn, the easier they are to devein. Our jumbo meaty prawns are easy to devein.