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Cooking Prawns in Shells

cooking prawns in shells

What are the benefits of cooking prawns in shells? You may wonder if it makes any difference but cooking prawns in their shells and peeling them afterwards makes for a juicier prawn and adds a lot of flavour to the meaty prawn within. The shell also prevents the prawn from cooking too quickly, especially important if you are grilling or barbequing.

It doesn’t take long to cook prawns, about five minutes, when you’ll see them turn from their raw greyish colour to an orangey pink hue. Be careful not to overcook where they’ll become tough and rubbery.

Some cooks decide to leave the tails on when serving. This is simply a matter of choice – if you’re serving on a large platter for a group of guests it can look more appealing and pretty impressive as it makes the prawns look even larger. Some people even choose to eat the tail, it certainly won’t harm you and some diners like the crunchy texture. Leaving the tail on when cooking also prevents the prawn from curling up.

Some people believe prawns are a superfood. Being low in fat and calories but high in protein and taste, we certainly think they’re a superfood in the fish world!

And if you do decide to shell your prawns before cooking, remember to keep the shells as they can be turned into a delicious stock ideal for risottos or soups.

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