Fresh British Prawns.

Sustainably produced in Lincolnshire.

We know many of our customers have been waiting patiently for our fabulous FloGro Fresh King Prawns to become available again, so we are excited to share our plans for the future.

Time to start building.

Planning permission has been granted for a site in South Lincolnshire and it is hoped to start building in the first quarter of 2024 with the first harvest being available mid to end first quarter 2026. It will be the UK’s first industrial-scale Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) prawn farm with an initial production unit for 250T p.a.. The site will be capable of growing to more than 2500 T p.a. of fresh prawns, as demand builds. To make this happen Flo-Gro has assembled a team of world-class specialists to deliver the company’s plans. These are in the process of being funded and Flo-Gro has recently been awarded a £5m UK Government grant from the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs for the first module to include hatchery, processing, despatch, water treatment, solar and ground source heat pumps.

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Flo-Gro Fresh is a company that will change how prawns are grown and sold in the UK and elsewhere and in so doing build a pathway to producing a carbon neutral prawn with the most sustainable energy systems available.

We are laying the foundations for the future of a sustainable British prawn industry.

The situation is particularly acute in the UK, where seafood imports are presenting a number of problems.


Almost all prawns consumed in the UK are imported frozen from overseas


Risk of disease is the most significant challenge facing prawn farmers in Asia, the region from which the UK imports the majority of its prawns.


Almost 50% of carbon emissions linked to UK food consumption are created overseas by way of food imports.

Our product DNA – Sustainability and Zero Waste

Powered by renewable energy and leveraging innovative water treatment solutions to recycle water, heat, salt and waste streams to sustainably lower operational costs significantly, Flo-Gro is a unique closed-loop recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that can be situated anywhere inland to produce high-quality, fresh, warm saltwater prawns local to point of consumption – 24 hours from harvest to plate.

The FloGro History

Flo-Gro was established to capitalise on the growing appetite for British-produced seafood, immediately after winning an Innovate UK grant to run feasibility trials for a closed-loop recycling aquaculture system (RAS) aimed at producing high quality prawns.


For 5 years, Flo-Gro has been operating an R&D prawn farm in Lincolnshire working with recycling aquaculture system experts, importing larvae from abroad. During this period, we have identified optimal shrimp husbandry through careful application and integration of larval breeding with specific grow out feed ‘recipes’, along with robust RAS operation and bio-security protocols. Our prawns led to rave reviews from top restaurateurs and premium food retailers, whilst during Covid lockdown we took the opportunity to grow a significant direct-to-consumer audience, who were willing to pay a premium per kilogram for locally grown, fresh, high quality, king prawns delivered to their home within 24 hours of harvest.

After 5 years of R&D we are now ready to launch at scale.

Our R&D farm has been invaluable in building brand awareness and proving the demand for locally produced prawns at a premium price. Critically, we have accumulated an unprecedented wealth of knowledge around feed, animal behaviour, optimal growing environment and conditions to maximise yield and profitability.

Now, we are ready to scale up and are set to launch the UK’s first industrial-scale sustainable, minimal-carbon, zero-waste RAS prawn farm that will eventually be capable of producing in excess of 2,500 tonnes per annum.

We Have Already Established a
Reputation for the Quality of our Produce.

Lesley L.
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A quick note of congratulations on a fabulous product. I barbecued some of your wonderful prawns last night and was blown away by their sweet taste and smooth texture. Absolutely delicious!
Ali C.
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We had some of our prawns on Wednesday evening with garlic, butter and a touch of chilli. They were awesome. THE best prawns we`ve ever had. Thank you!
Elisabeth Z.
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I took delivery of a kilo of your prawns yesterday. First, they were packaged beautifully and cold despite the warm weather. Second, I had some for dinner last night and they were superb! The best seafood I`ve ever had.
Maureen H.
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I received my order yesterday. I wanted to say how pleased I am. Some of the prawns were immediately cooked, the rest frozen. They were delicious. I would totally recommend your produce.
Tracey S.
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We have just had a most delicious supper cooking with Flogro prawns which we all deemed to be absolutely delicious and pretty special...tasty, meaty and juicy!

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